Becoming A Vendor on Legacy Store, Worth it ? – Complete Guide

Becoming a Vendor on Legacy Store

Getting Started

Why Becoming a Vendor on Legacy Store is important

By joining Legacy Store Marketplace and becoming a vendor on Legacy Store, you have the distinctive opportunity to reach over thousands of unique visitors each month and to join the thousands of suppliers and vendors that call themselves Legacy Store partners. Most importantly, you will have control over your business including inventory, retail pricing, fulfillment and customer care.

What qualities does Legacy Store look for when inviting a seller to join Legacy Store Marketplace ?

We look forward to finding and building relationships with reputable retailers and brands that provide top-notch customer service, a compelling product assortment, competitive pricing and fast, reliable fulfillment.

How can my business be considered for Legacy Store Marketplace?

Go to the My-Account page (Click the link or click the Register/Login button at the top of the page) and complete the Legacy Store Marketplace application (Don’t forget to tick “i am a vendor” when signing up ). If approved, you’ll acknowledge our terms and conditions and then start the onboarding process to get your products on

Once approved, how do i start selling? 

Once you have been approved as a vendor and there is a Legacy Store Retailer Agreement in place, you will have access to your personal back office from where you operate (Called a Dashboard) that will contain a designated interface for uploading your products. This is confirmation that you can integrate your items and fulfillment system with Legacy Store. Once you are ready to go live, your items will be made visible to customers. Incase you are wondering how to get to your Dashboard, use this link. But remember, this time you are logging in and not Registering. So use the details you used to register to login and access your dashboard.

Adding your Items

What kind of items can i sell on Legacy Store Marketplace ?

We allow a very broad range of products on our site, so we’re excited to hear about yours. Of course, we require all sellers to follow our policies, which include some limitations, so please review our Prohibited Products Policy for more information.

What about SKU minimums/maximums and limited specialty inventory?

There are no SKU minimums or maximums, so list your entire catalog of eligible items with us. Limited inventory can be managed by you by setting a fixed threshold in your dashboard. Items without inventory are not available for sale on

How do I add and manage my listing and promote my items?

You can manage your listings through your dashboard, add, delete or maintain products as well as change your pricing when needed.

What will my items look like on the site?

They will look like other items that are being sold on but include your company information, such as shipping, return policy and terms and conditions if any was specified. If not your customers will adhere to the general terms and conditions on our platform.

Fulfilling Orders

How do I check for and process orders?

You will receive orders in your dashboard. In addition to checking for them throughout the day, you will receive email notifications from us notifying you of orders you need to fulfill.

What are the Shipping/Delivery Requirements?

You can select the carriers, shipping/delivery price and shipping/delivery method when you set up your Vendor profile in your dashboard. We have two shipping/delivery methods available. Orders must be shipped/delivered in non-branded packaging and can’t include materials from any company other than Legacy Store.

What about Return and customer Service?

Returns for Marketplace purchases are designed to offer customers a consistent experience across Legacy Store. You can view the full return policy here. Your customer service information (including customer service email address, hours of operation and customer service) are clearly displayed with your item listings on Legacy Store.

Kindly note that Legacy Store fulfils all orders directly to the customer, so every item will be sent to us for re-packaging, forwarding and clearing.

Getting Paid

If approved, what fees do I have to pay?

There are no setup, subscription or monthly fees. We simply deduct a reasonable referral fee once a sale occurs on our site.

What is Legacy Store Marketplace’s commission structure?

Our competitive referral fee percentages vary by category.

How are items priced?

You set the item price for your entire catalog.

What is the Payment Schedule and Method?

Payments will be automatically deposited into your preferred bank account or Mobile Money account within 24 hours after the customer has received their item and has no complain that necessitates a refund. In a situation where you funds do not reflect in the said period of time, you can leave us a message.

How are refunds handled?

In a situation where the error/fault is from the vendor, he/she/the vendor’s company bears the cost for the return delivery fee. So please try your possible best to make sure you send out the right orders to the right customers.


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